I am a first year graduate student at The Ohio State University. I completed my undergraduate studies at OSU in the Spring of 2019, receiving a B.S. in both Physics and Astronomy.

I have been working with Rick Pogge and Danielle Berg on a subset of the CHemical Abundances Of Spirals (CHAOS) project which measures elemental abundance gradients across nearby spiral galaxies. I have been exploring an alternative method to measure the average temperature of the photoionized gas around newly formed stars which can be used to help relate and constrain gas properties within these regions.

I am also working with Adam Leroy, Laura Lopez, and Dyas Utomo alongside the PHANGS-ALMA collaboration (Physics at High Angular resolution in Nearby GalaxieS) to understand the conditions under which supernovae explode and how they affect the star formation rate of their host galaxies.

Additionally, I am working with James Johnson developing models of galactic chemical enrichment for VICE (Versatile Integrator for Chemical Evolution).

Outside of OSU’s astronomy department I am usually spending time with my two kids. Before I discovered my love for astronomy, I was a fiber artist. I love to garden, walk in nature, and ride my bicycle. I have a 20lb tortoise named Spica and I name the many community cats in my care after objects in the asteroid belt.